Love To Do Hair? Two Reasons To Enroll In Cosmetology School

The old saying rings true:  "When you look good, you feel good." This phrase basically describes the emotions you get when you leave the house and know that you look your best. The admiring gazes from other people and compliments you receive from perfect strangers can boost your mood, causing you to feel a rush of positive feelings that work wonders for your outlook. If you enjoy doing your own hair and have started to branch out into fixing up the locks of friends and loved ones, you might be ready to push it to the next level.

Why Go To Makeup Training School?

Becoming a makeup artist is about more than just having knowledge of how makeup looks on you. It's about learning the different ways to contour any face of any shape, size, or skin tone. It's also about knowing how to have makeup applied for various occasions. For example, there is a difference between the makeup one would wear at a wedding versus the makeup one would wear on a stage.