Weave It Alone: Four Mistakes Not To Make When Cutting Thin Or Thinning Hair

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If you have thin or thinning hair, you’re going to be very hard pressed to find a haircut that actually works well for you. There are many hairstyles out there that you will have to steer away from because they require volume in order to make it look just like the picture in the magazine. Before you sit down in that stylist chair and decide on a haircut, here are a few things you should know about cutting and styling thin hair. Don’t Layer The Back Layers look really good on your favorite celebrity females; however, if you have thin or thinning hair, adding layers to the back is only going to be disastrous. You need the volume and a lot of product to pull off the look like they do in the magazines. Instead of requesting that all of your hair is layered, ask them for a few layers in the front only to add angles and dimension to your face. Stay Away From Bangs Every girl wonders what bangs would be like because they look nice on someone else. If you have thin or thinning hair, bangs will only take away from what hair you have, causing it to look flat and even thinner than it is. The last thing you want is for your hair to look thinner than it is. You want to give the illusion that you have thick and voluminous hair. If you want to give bangs a try, ask for long wispy layers that give you a frame. This will not only make you look chic, but it will make your hair look thicker. Be Blunt With It The best haircut for those with thin or thinning hair will always be a blunt cut. Blunt cuts get a bad reputation, and many think they are boring. A strong blunt cut with sharp angles will actually make your hair look longer and thicker. On top of that, a blunt cut is perfect for any face. So while this cut is giving the illusion that it is long and thick, it will also accentuate your facial features like the eyes and cheek bones. Don’t Even Think About A Weave Many women opt for a weave or extensions when their hair is short. If you have thin or thinning hair, however, this won’t be in the cards. Extensions are bad for already thin hair because they put extra weight on your hair. With already thinning hair, these extensions can rip out or break your hair, putting your hair in worse condition than it was before. Opt for, instead, clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions are relatively inexpensive and won’t cause the stress on your hair that threaded extensions will. Thin or thinning hair may be difficult to work with, but it won’t be impossible to get you looking beautiful. In fact, there are a few great options for those who have thinning hair. Just follow the simple rules listed above before sitting in that stylist hair so that you don’t make a disastrous hair...

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Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Going To Massage School

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Unless you aspire to become a masseuse, going to massage school is likely the furthest thing from your mind.  You may be the kind of person who believes that any schooling beyond high school should be done on the basis of starting or furthering your career.  However, there are many reasons why going to massage school may be beneficial to you.  Use this information to learn more about why you should consider enrolling in a school of massage as soon as possible. Massage School Helps You Care For Your Health One of the most compelling reasons why you should attend massage school is because the information you learn can help you care for your own health.  An integral part of any quality massage therapy curriculum involves learning about human anatomy and physiology.  You’ll learn about muscles and bones and how they interact with each other.  When you are equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to discuss medical conditions that deal with human anatomy much more freely with your doctor and other medical professionals.   In addition, you’ll learn about alternative treatments for better health that you may not have known about.  Topics such as accupressure, which is used to treat nausea, pain and depression are discussed, as well as energy balancing, which can go a long way toward helping to keep your mind, body and soul in sync.  You’ll have tools at your disposal that can help you maintain your own wellness. Massage Increases Intimacy Although good looks, charm and a fun personality may be at the top of your list when it comes to thinking about a potential mate, there should be another item listed there:  The ability to give a good massage.  Giving your partner a deep massage that is rooted in the strong knowledge base that you learned while attending massage school can go a long way toward keeping the flame alive, as well as igniting intimacy. Imagine how pleased your mate will be when you know exactly which trigger points to hit in order to release the pent up tension that many people live with.  You can use massage to deepen your connection, while simultaneously helping your partner get into a relaxed mood. Going to massage school may prove to be one of the best moves that you could ever make.  Take the time to explore your options for massage school (such as New Age Spa Institute, Inc.) so you can begin enjoying these benefits and...

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Some Considerations If You Are Not College Bound

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Perhaps you have recently graduated from high school and you have no desire whatsoever to attend college. Or, maybe you tried college for awhile and decided that it wasn’t for you. Either way, here are some ideas for you as you make career choices for the future. Do Your Own Thing – Have you considered working for yourself? Are you talented in art? If so, consider focusing on creating paintings that you can sell. Until you get established you may need to get a part-time job, but you certainly won’t be the first starving artist who did that. Another idea is to teach art lessons. Not only will you be making money, but doors may open for you to sell your own work. Do you have a passion for photography? If you are a good photographer, consider offering your services at no cost to your friends. Doing a free photo shoot at a child’s birthday party, a wedding, or any other type of celebration will enable you to get your name known through recommendations. It will also help you to build a portfolio that you can use as you seek new clients. Consider selling products you enjoy using yourself. Jewelry, kitchen goods, craft merchandise and album supplies are all very popular and people like to buy them right at home parties. If you sell a quality product, pretty soon you’ll be establishing yourself in a successful business without even doing a lot of leg work. Go For Training – Perhaps you want to work for somebody else, but you need certification in order to get into the job market. Consider attending a trade school. Trade schools offer programs in computer programing, welding, nursing care, and many other classes that lead to great professions. One of the benefits of attending a trade school is that you will often be offered help in finding a job when your courses have been completed. You can often get a job as a flower arranger simply because you are already good at it. However, it you have attend floral school you can usually get a better job in this field. Usually a floral school will give certificates in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. You can complete the program at your own pace. Do you love makeup? If so, consider a cosmetology program at a place like Tri-County Beauty College. You will learn all about skin, how to care for it, and how to beautify it. In fact, you can choose a particular field in this profession. You can take classes in theatrical makeup that will open doors for working in television, movies, or modeling. In addition, you will learn to do permanent makeup. After completing your courses, you might want to continue as you take classes to become a cosmetology instructor yourself.  Have a good time in your chosen...

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